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The Flying Sphere

The flying sphere is an original outdoor lighting device used for equipment of parks, stadiums, promenades, open terraces, outdoor dining and sports facilities. A diameter of the flying sphere is ranging from 3,5 to 10 m that allows you to create  unusual landscape design on any type of land devoid of tall buildings and trees.

The flying sphere is a balloon filled with helium, which is equipped with up to 6 light sources, whose maximum power is 24 kW. As the light source we can use pretty cheap and practical halogen lamps to significantly save energy or powerful metal-halide lamps which have longer lifetime and higher brightness.

A shell of balloon is made of durable reinforced polyurethane, which can resist to temperature variations from -50 to +45 ° C, as well as strong rushes of wind, rain and hail. Moreover, this polyurethane balloon is equipped with convective heat removal system, which helps to prevent the heating of the material from within. Flying spheres have universal and very reliable fastening system, which has triple margin of safety.


Sensor Sphera at Dance Planet festival
April 08, 2013

 Spring is a time that each of us is wating for, counting the hours before all living things wake up after wearisome winter ... 

English news
October 09, 2012

Our company is engaged in the development of innovative lighting unit Prizzmo360.