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The Sensorsphere

Nowadays for cultural and entertainment events both indoors and outdoors companies often use the  Sensorsphere, which is a filled with air or helium balloon with diameter up to 1.5m. Inside the sphere the LED unit installed which is equipped with a hit sensor. The signal coming from the outside is transmitted to the controller and then glowing balloon instantly changes its look.

Due to this Sensorsphere is an excellent interactive attraction, which can fulfill any programmed scheme, the choice of which is on the customer. For example, Sensorsphere may pulsate or give stroboscopic flashes of varying intensity and change its color that allows realizing the most daring ideas for organizing events. For Sensorsphere operation we use batteries which provide 1-1.5 hours of device’s usage. Then batteries can be easily replaced and you can use the Sensorsphere, which will surely be a favorite amusement of the public, again.You should not scare that the night clubbers or open-air party participants can damage a shell of the Sensorsphere because it has sufficient elasticity and strength to stand hits of any force.



Sensor Sphera at Dance Planet festival
April 08, 2013

 Spring is a time that each of us is wating for, counting the hours before all living things wake up after wearisome winter ... 

English news
October 09, 2012

Our company is engaged in the development of innovative lighting unit Prizzmo360.